The Dirtiest Spots in Your Office

Once you get to enter your office, you’ll definitely think that everything is all clean and hygienic. Every day, you’re always so comfortable touching and leaning into things, convinced that everything apart from the bathroom is free from dirt. What you are slightly unaware of is that bacteria and viruses are mostly present in office equipments and areas where we spend most of our time.

You think the toilet is the dirtiest thing in your office? Think again, because the culprits are just right in front of you.


Yes! Your keyboard contains more germs and bacteria than your office toilet. How? Well, your keyboards are apparently positioned permanently on your workplace. You can wipe it with tissue, but you don’t really get to wash it regularly. Second, you’re not the only person who gets to use your keyboard. Offices with both day and night shifts often share keyboards which mean more and more bacteria are being found in your equipment.

For those who often take their lunch and their snacks in their workstation, we don’t get to notice it much, but very tiny pieces of meat and chips often fall and sneak inside the spaces of your keyboard. Another reason is that there are some people that do not wash their hands after they use the toilet. Germs and bacteria contacted from the toilet is automatically passed and mixed with all the dirt on your keyboard.


Piece of advice, my friend. Go and grab a tissue or a piece of cloth and wipe your office phone for a second. Done? Now, continue reading. Your office phone is filled with germs and bacteria transmitted every after phone call. You see, everyone is performing a variety of motions while talking to the phone like massaging their nose, wiping their lips, and rubbing their eyes. Now, just imagine the amount of germs you get to pass on to the phone, then to the next person to use the phone after doing such motion. If the phone is one of the most used items in your office, DO REMEMBER to wipe them down from time to time with alcohol or any cleaning product.

Conference Table

Just imagine all the events that have taken place wherein you and the whole company used that table. Brainstorming sessions with pizza and coffee, followed by a staff member’s birthday celebration causing germs and bacteria to build up around your table. To avoid germ buildup, do not just wipe away the debris on the table with a dry tissue. Wipe it down with a clean cloth and a disinfecting spray. Do not miss a spot to make sure that no dirt buildup will take place.

Yes, your office is not as clean as you think it is. Everything may look neat, but deep, deep down, they are not. If you’re an employee, always take the initiative to wipe the things down with a clean cloth and disinfectant spray. Now, if you don’t feel like cleaning, do make sure to wash your hands every after you go to the bathroom. Lastly, encourage your workmates to have an office cleaning session where you guys can clean and fully sanitize your office. If you’re too busy to do it, you can always hire professional cleaners and have them clean your office on your preferred schedule.

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