Quick Tips before Hiring a Housekeeper

At a certain point in your life, you’ll get really tired of cleaning your house on a daily basis all by yourself.  While you are very busy at work, you still need to look after and clean you’re home so it will be hard to squeeze this task into your hectic schedule. At times it becomes easier to get someone else to perform all your cleaning duties so that you can focus completely on other important tasks.

Hiring a house cleaner who can contribute in terms of cleaning activities is a huge relief. But we must not forget that aspiring housekeepers have certain strengths and weaknesses that may or may not satisfy our needs. That said, here are several things you can do to find the ideal cleaner whose capability can meet your family’s and your house’s needs

 Make a Cleaning Checklist

First thing’s first. Before actually talking to someone, make a list of all your cleaning requirements. Will you require them to iron, or will they just need to focus on cleaning your house every day? Do they have to know how to do the laundry? Are they prone to sickness, or are they perfectly healthy? Do they get easily exhausted? List down everything – your preferred skills, your preferred time of cleaning and your cleaning checklist- for you to know if that person is really ready to become your housekeeper.

Ask for the help of a friend

Pass around the word, and then start your search. You can ask for referrals provided that your friends know someone who is available and is a good cleaner.

Browse the Internet

If you can’t find people who have connections, then browsing the internet is the next step. Look for companies and websites in Sydney that includes house cleaning in their services. If you’re satisfied with the cleaning services they can offer, contact them right away and ask when a housekeeper, or a cleaner is available for a trial. Although there are times that you can speak to them over the phone, you might also consider actual trial to access their true cleaning capabilities.

Interview your candidates

In this process, you’ll get to apply the details of questions on your checklist, and determine whether or not those Sydney cleaners are capable of becoming your loyal housekeeper.

Make Use of a Trial Period

After a few cleaning trials, you’ll probably find someone you can totally feel comfortable with when it comes to cleaning your home. Well, don’t hire them yet. Let him or her engage for a trial period, for let’s say a couple of weeks. After that, decide if you want to push through with their service or not.

Voice out your Expectations

If there are some areas of their performance you are concerned with, talk to the cleaning company and let them know your expectations, make sure to set some boundaries, and inform them about the things that you won’t allow them to do when they are in your home.

Book a cleaner today

If you would like to book a general housekeeper please feel free to call Sydney City Cleaners on 0415 693 746, to find out more about how one of our friendly cleaners can assist you in your home.

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