Preparing your Home for the Holidays

Christmas is fast approaching and there’s nothing more important than having a clean, organized and fully decorated home just to fit in the holiday glory.  Every year there is that eagerness that you really want to impress your guests especially your relatives and in-laws, but then again you look around your home and see all those clutter and dirt crawling in your walls and furniture. You’ll then think to yourself, “How am I going to clean all these out?”.  You really don’t want to hear your visitors acquaint you with their critique and see those look on their faces like they were giving some silent judgment to your home, right?

So to your advantage, here are some cleaning options on how to avoid all the negativity during this joyous season.

Hire Professional Cleaners

The holiday season is one of the main sources of panic in the family. You’ll surely have a very long to-do-list and not know exactly where to start. Now, to shun the horror of doing so many tasks, one of your best options is to take care of the decorating, and let your preferred Sydney professionals or cleaners do all the dirty work. Aside from those two, you probably have a lot more to accomplish like buying gifts, organizing programs and planning for the food. Just think how awesome it would be to focus on all these important things without worrying about the cleanliness of your home.


If you’re ready to start early and think you have a lot of time to finish everything on your checklist in due time, then feel free to accomplish everything by yourself and with a little help from your family and friends.

To guide you with the most important spots to focus on, here is a list.

  • Separate the day for carpet cleaning and window cleaning.

  • Focus on the public areas that will probably be used frequently by your guests – Guest Room, Living Room, Kitchen and Bathroom. Perform your extra special holiday cleaning methods on these areas – polishing floors and furniture, laundering and ironing linens, and applying home fragrances.

  • Clear your refrigerator and get rid of expired products to make room for your holiday menu items and dishes that may possibly be brought by your guests.

  • Make sure your spoons and forks are shiny to avoid disgusting your guests. Shiny silverware can definitely make your meals more appealing and increase your guests’ appetite.

  • Clear your closet. Guests who are staying overnight are going to need a closet to put in all their things. And hang their clothes.

  • Start decorating your home. Let it be colorful yet simple to look at. Make sure they are properly attached to your walls to avoid experiencing any break or damage on the gathering day.

  • Let your home be spacious. A party or gathering will be more fun if everyone can move freely and walk from one place to another. Let your guests unwind and relax by providing them a wide space to do so. Do not forget to offer more seating space for your guests and make sure to position them in an area wherein no one would walk in.

  • Deodorize your home to get rid of unpleasant odours. Provide stocks of toiletries just in case your guests forget to bring their own, and for them to feel like they really are welcome to your home.

By following these simple tips, your home will be completely ready for the holidays, making you and your family free to enjoy and treasure the most wonderful time of the year.

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