Post Holiday Cleaning Tips

The Christmas season will come and go so easily, but the mess it developed during every celebration will not simply go away. After all the celebration, you’ll be showering yourself with a lot of household chores like sweeping the floors, washing the dishes, removing unwanted spots in your walls and throwing out all the trash. Yep! After all the fun and games, you’ll then experience a bothersome duty of getting rid of all the dirt in your home.


Cleaning Guidelines


The first step to getting rid of all the junk, scrap and litter in your house is to look for a garbage bag where you can stash all your stuff. Before anything else, take time to find a huge box or a  plastic and proceed on the de-cluttering session ASAP. Make sure to look at all the areas of your home to make certain that all pieces of trash will be stashed out.


  • For your items, look for a large basket and use it to collect your children’s toys, your visitor’s items, your personal gadgets and other important things that need to be kept safe and not thrown away.


  • For the bathroom, prepare your toilet brush and your cleaning soap and then use it to scrub your toilet. Rinse it with water. After that, wipe your toilet rim with disinfectant wipes then let it dry.


  • For the living room, dust off all furniture surfaces with a duster. Polish them right after with a clean cloth and a wood cleaner or your preferred cleaning material. Finish the process by wiping the surfaces down using a dry and clean cloth.


  • For the kitchen, wash the dishes first. Wipe down all the counters. Make sure to use an effective cleaning material. Remember, the kitchen is the dirtiest part of the house and it is important to use an efficient cleaning substance to eliminate the dirt. Let the area dry and then bring back the dishes to their respective places.


To finish up, start sweeping the floors and remove all the debris with the use of dry mop. Vacuum your floors, your rugs and your carpet especially the area where your Christmas Tree is placed. Do not forget to wipe out your mirrors and windows and bring back the spark of the glasses instantly. Lastly, dump the garbage in our garbage box and then sit back on your sofa and just relax. Refreshing, isn’t it?


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