Operation: Instant Bedroom Cleanup

The bedroom is the main area of your home where you can go to relax after a very hectic day. However, relaxing can be very hard if the contents of your room are lodged all over your bedroom floor. Instead of the feeling of calm and tranquil, the result of an unclean bedroom area or home in general can have the adverse effect. That is why it is necessary to have a clean living environment.

As promised on my previous office cleaning blog, here is part two of how to organize your personal possessions to get on to the path of having a neat, calming and soothing atmosphere to relax in.


Divide and Conquer - Separate and group your things according to category


For some people this may be a longer process, especially if your room looks like a tornado has hit it! The first step to having a clean living environment is to make a list of categories, for example, clothing, accessories, shoes, gadgets, beauty products, even school supplies -after that place each of them in their designated grouping. Make sure to have your any belts or necklaces untangled to get the best out of this re-organization. Now comes the de-cluttering element, make sure you remove any unwanted items, maybe create a charity pile or a rubbish pile whichever suits you best.

Storing your items


All grouped items now need to be permanently placed in a secured container, box or even a Tupperware box. You can keep those vessels simple, or if you’re in the mood for a fun and creative activity you can create some glamorous designs and decorate your storage boxes. These designs can contribute to adding sparkle and color to your room. If you have some hooks you can place a few on your walls, or near your windows and hang your accessories. This is a great way to prevent them getting tangled and entwined with other items.

Make your bed

This, as much as possible, must be done on a daily basis to make sure that you’ll get to enjoy the comfort of your bed every day. Simply have your pillows piled on one side of the bed, have your blankets folded evenly, and have your sheets properly fixed around your bed cushion. Imagine how comfortable your sleep would be with a soft and clean bed.


The secret to living in a fully organised room is to return everything to their respective places after use, and to not hesitate to throw away all unused items that can occupy a huge amount of space. Have a spare cloth that you can use to wipe away all the debris living in on your window sills and this will help bring back a clean sparkle and try to clean your wardrobe tracks.  Start now and do not let laziness get in the way.  If you don’t want to deal with so much clutter, then doing things right away is the key. Alternatively you can always call us and one of our cleaning angels with come and help assist you with some general housekeeping cleaning tasks.

Happy cleaning!

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