Nifty Stain Removal Procedures for your Home

Last month, we talked about bond cleaning and the importance of having the most professional bond cleaners in Sydney clean your property before moving. Today, this blog will discuss effective tips on how to remove all the unwanted stains and marks that have been attached to your walls and your floors during your whole stay – DIY style.

So, you live in Sydney, you love to clean, and you want to execute end of lease cleaning all by yourself. You look around your home, and you see stains in different areas of your interior. Of course you would want to get rid of them quickly, but you only have soap, a cleaning powder and a sponge in your hands. Are these materials enough? Take a look at the following simple tips and see if any of these assist you in cleaning away unwanted marks and stains.

Candle Wax

You can remove candle wax and chewing gums by applying dry ice all over the wax or gum, then wait for it to get firm and solid. After that, carefully remove the wax or gum by using bread knife or spatula. For residues, place a tea towel or unwanted cloth on the stain and gently press a warm iron on to the patch. You can then remove any further residue using a sponge, laundry soap or a spot stain remover. Be very careful not to burn any the carpet with the iron!


If the crayon residue is attached to your wallpaper, scrape off the crayon with brown paper and then place a warm iron on the stain. If the stain is on concrete wall or floor tiles, apply the same procedure done for candle wax.  If final traces cannot be removed, cover them with a paste of corn flour and cleaning fluid. Allow them to dry then brush them off, this will help it blend in on your walls.


If paint has dried on your walls or floor tiles, soften it up using glycerine first, and then apply your preferred spot stain remover right after. For oil paints, apply turpentine or kerosene, and then wash it normally with water and cleaning materials. For water base paints, be reminded that they can easily be washed out when fresh, but once you let them dry, they’ll be difficult and impossible to remove. Once you see fresh acrylic paint on your walls, quickly wash it with cold water to avoid having a stained wall or floor.

Pencil Marks

Pencil marks on walls caused by your kids cannot be removed with a simple pencil eraser. To remove these marks, apply laundry powder or laundry liquid on the marks, and then wipe them off softly using a laundry brush, be careful not to scratch the walls with too hard a brush. For indelible pencil marks, sponge them off using household ammonia and wood alcohol. Rinse off dirt with warm water.


For ink marks, the best treatment is a dishwashing liquid and D’limonene, a reliable and active stain removal product made of natural solvent extracted from citrus fruit. Mix them together then apply on the stained area. Drench them for 10 – 15 minutes. After that, rinse it with hot water then wash it again using laundry liquid. The process may be a little repetitive, but you’ll get to achieve good results right after.

Once you get to remove all the unwanted spots on your walls, you’ll be all set and ready to move out and you’ll definitely make a lasting impression on your landlord and the next owners of the unit.

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