Importance Bond Cleaning Before Moving

Is your family about to move out of your rental property? Are you planning on selling your house soon? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are probably aware of the fact that you are going to deal to lots of stressful processes including packing and moving, and the most important – bond cleaning.

Bond Cleaning or end of lease cleaning is a cleaning process that needs to be accomplished when moving out of your rental home. This type of cleaning service can make your old place look good as new all over again. If the process can’t be done on time and you can’t make your rental home clean before leaving then you’ll miss the chance of receiving part of your bond money back.


Why Hire Bond or End of Lease Cleaners

Soon, your landlord or realtor will come to your house and conduct an inspection, within this they will inform you of all the areas of the house that need to be cleaned. This might sound stressful especially as cleaning is the last thing that most people want to do after moving.

However, you don’t need to force yourself to do it! Hiring a professional and well trained bond cleaning /end of lease cleaning company like Sydney City Cleaners can ensure that your home can definitely get that ideal clean look. You can focus on doing the other important things, while they bring back the sparkle of your rental home.

As a reliable cleaning company, they provide all the cleaning products and equipment needed to complete the cleaning from top to bottom. If you allow them to do all the cleaning for you, here’s what you and your home is going to get.

imagesLiving Room

All walls will be left spotless, floors will be properly vacuumed, windows will be dusted, and carpets will be properly cleaned.


This is the part of the house where most of the dirt and grime is present during your residence. Well, now, there’s no need to worry because Sydney City Cleaners will remove all the bacteria and dirt that has been spreading around the area. No stone will be left unturned and Sydney City Cleaners will clean bench tops, sinks, cupboards and even window tracks.


Just like the kitchen, this is another area of a house that needs to be sanitized. Tiles, sink, shower, toilet basin and mirrors will all be washed and brought back to their elegant beauty.  As professional cleaners in Sydney, we will make the area look at its best, and just like the other areas, good as new.


Everyone wants to have an idyllic room. We will make sure that new dwellers will love their new home including the bedroom by having them thoroughly cleaned. Vacuuming of the floors will be done, plus all the debris will be removed through wiping and dusting.

images (1)

Now that your home has undergone a detailed end of lease clean, you can now be fully ready to impress your landlord, and most importantly, get your bond money back! Call us today!


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