Hassle-free Ways in Cleaning Your Floors

Cleaning floors has always been one of the least favorite chores in any office or home. However, it must be done as often as once a week to maintain productivity, good health and, of course, good hygiene. Here are some tips on how to hype you up to clean your floors.

Basic way of mopping

First thing’s first. We must take note that floors must be swept thoroughly before mopping it up, otherwise you tend to spread dirt, water and germs around. You can either sweep the floor using a broom, or use a vacuum to get the most optimum cleaning result.

After that, you can begin mopping the floor using your preferred cleaning material, a small pot of water, and of course, a mop. Rinse the mop by changing the old water with clean water as often as possible. Squeeze the mop thoroughly every time to avoid spreading out dirt that accumulates at the bottom of the mop. After that, dry your floor with soft cloth.

For Asphalt Tile Floors

Prepare an all purpose cleaner, 1 cup of ammonia, ½ gallon cool water, and the most important – rubber gloves. Mix the following ingredients and apply the solution to your floor using a sponge mop. Rinse the floor with cool water to make sure that dirt is eliminated. After that, dry your floor with soft cloth.

For Ceramic Tile Floors

Damp mop your ceramic tiled floors using an all-purpose cleaner. Just like brick floors, do not use abrasives, acids and soap to prevent having your glazes scratched.  If you want your ceramic tiles to have a sparkling look, polish them by using car wax, and rub it all across your tiles. Ensure that no-one will be slipping on your tiles by thoroughly buffing the floor and placing a cleaning in progress sign on the area.

For Concrete Floors

Garage floors are the biggest cleaning challenge. As weird as it may seem, kitty litter can definitely help in cleaning your floors. Spreading kitty litter using a stiff broom can absorb oil and grease. After that, get out of the garage, grab your hose and sweep out all the dirt by washing out the floor with clear water.


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