At Sydney City Cleaners, we are committed to provide the most comprehensive cleaning services. We love the jobs you hate. We clean homes, apartments, condominiums, commercial spaces and recently renovated areas. We are proud of our cleaning team's work. Our attention to detail, excellent customer service and high standard practices set us apart from the other cleaners in the business today.

See the following before and after photos. These are just a few of our work sample, which we are so proud of.



Before Photos: Bedroom

Before Photos: BedroomBefore Photos: KitchenBefore Photos: Ktichen

Before Photos: Floor
























We Leave the Competition in the Dust!

Sydney City Cleaners is comprised of talented and hardworking cleaning professionals. We have a lot of cleaning experience. We trained our network of cleaners, not just to become effective cleaning technicians but also to be critical thinkers. In cleaning, various types of problems can arise. With our extensive cleaning training, we have become used to solving problems effectively and quickly. We understand the best cleaning techniques and solutions to use. You don't have to worry, let us take care of the cleaning problem.

For us, every cleaning project is different and there is no job that is too big or too small. We try our best to find solutions to the even the scariest cleaning dilemmas! It is our duty to get the job done right at the first time!

The Clean Team - Leave Your Troubles With Us!

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and we'll clean your home or office space. Let our team know if you have any cleaning requests, so we can factor that in to our quote. To book your next cleaning with us or if you have questions regarding our services our hotline number is  (02) 9009 5190.

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