Different Ways to Make House Cleaning Fun

While some people love cleaning, others would just look for ways to avoid it. Often, it is very hard to build up the motivation to do all the cleaning especially if there’s an overwhelming number of house chores that need to be done. Although cleaning is not on the list of things you always have fun doing,, still there are certain ways on how to implement ways to make cleaning more enjoyable and entertaining. Some people would hire a house cleaning company in Sydney, but here are some D-I-Y cleaning strategies that can boost motivation.

Create a Checklist or a Chart

Before cleaning, go back to your childhood days and remember how much you loved to get stars or stickers as your special reward as a child. Be that young person again and this time, feel confident enough to reward yourself for every accomplished task. Create a sticker chart that consists of all the chores that you need to finish before the end of the day. Attach a cute, little sticker to every task you get to achieve. This may seem weird, but hey, it’s fulfilling and it’s always nice to have something to laugh about while cleaning right?

Turn up the Music

After putting on your comfortable clothing, start throwing on some music to enlighten the mood. Hype up songs are the most ideal so you can do a few dance moves while sweeping or mopping the floor. Music makes time go by more quickly and before you even recognize it, you’re already done cleaning and you get to burn a few fats as well.

Call a Friend

Some household chores are undeniably tedious that you tend to lose your mood a little bit. Do not let these bumming chores lower your good vibes. Go on and call your best friend or a few friends so that you can have someone to chat with. If you can’t make them come to your home, call them and talk to them through phone.

Give some Rewards

Schedule a day for general cleaning wherein everyone is required to clean a certain part of the house. Right before dinner or after dinner, make sure you give your kids rewards for them to feel good about themselves and to make them more eager to do a clean up the second time around.

Play Games

This is for those with spouse and children.  For instance, give your kids one garbage bag or any type of bag each. Ask them to pick up all the trash they could see around the house. The kid who gains the most trash wins a chocolate from daddy. Give the other kids their own incentives to keep the energy going.

Another example is a treasure hunt. This might take a lot of work but sure is a lot of fun. Try hiding simple gifts in your kids’ room or around the house. After that, ask them to clean their room. They’ll be ecstatic to see the gifts you’ve hidden just for them. The gifts will be opened at the same time after they have finished all their tasks.

A beat the clock game is also a fun way of cleaning for the kids and for the whole family. Gather your kids on the living room and ask them to arrange the things inside their closets. Make clear that the timer is set for only 30 minutes. Once they enter their rooms, they’ll race their way to beat the ding. The kid who finishes first before the time stops will be the winner.

See! Cleaning doesn’t always have to be that boring. By establishing a regular cleaning schedule and following these fun cleaning methods, you’ll definitely have the clean dwelling you always wanted without focusing too much on complaining about sweat and body pain.


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