Alternative for Commercial Cleaning Materials

Just because you lack commercial cleaning products at your home, doesn’t mean you have insufficient cleaning materials that can help you clean it.  Even if your home is being cleaned by your chosen cleaners from Sydney, it is still your job to maintain the sanitation of your dwelling.

Here are the items you already own that can keep your home odor and dirt free at all times.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are an effective cleaning product for three particular chores:

  1. Scrubbing the dishes – Put in a few teaspoons of coffee grounds on a cleaning rag. Wrap up the cloth using a rubber band or sturdy knots that can keep the grounds secured. This can be your new sponge that can clean dishes with intense dirt.
  2. Odor Remover – Simply put a bowl of coffee grounds in your refrigerator to absorb the unpleasant odors. These coffee grounds need not be there permanently. Change them out once the grounds become moist and clammy.
  3. Pesticide Control – This is for those who have plants in their home. To avoid pests, add some coffee grounds to your potted plants.


Vinegar, aside from its usefulness when it comes to cooking, can also be a good:

  1. Deodorizer – Its difference with coffee grounds is that it can remove the unpleasant smell from different areas and items around your home.
  2. Room – Simply place a bowl of vinegar in the room with unpleasant smell overnight.
  3. Sinks – Pour one cup of vinegar into the sink then rinse with water after an hour.
  4. Containers – Remove odor with a mixture of vinegar and water. Rinse with water after a few minutes.
  5. Dog Cleaner – Mix one cup of vinegar with two gallons of water. Rinse your dogs first with fresh water                then pour the solution on your dog. Dry your dog without rinsing off the solution.
  6. Stain Removal (Carpets) – Let the mixture of vinegar and water drench into the carpet for 2 minutes then blemish the stained area with towel or sponge. For floor and bowl stains, spray the solution to your toilet then scrub until the stain is removed.


For those who have kids in their home, you can use their clays by picking up tiny pieces of broken glass without cutting yourself. Do not forget to throw away the used clay to avoid accidents.


Apart from abolishing bad breath, mouthwash can also kill germs residing on your floors. On one gallon of water, mix a capful of mouthwash and then use the solution to mop your tile or vinyl floors.

Baby Oil

This can be used in bath tubs. Wipe your tub with baby oil and let the dirt roll down the drain.

You may think you’re running out of cleaning materials, but the truth is that your home is filled with them. Make use of these cleaning alternatives for a cheaper and better cleaning results.

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