A DIY Guide to Carpet Cleaning

Removing dirt from your carpet is never an easy task. Usually, people would use the method of vacuuming to maintain the carpet. Whilst using a vacuum is effective, there are still certain kinds of dirt that cannot be removed with just simple vacuuming.

Here are some useful tricks that can help you clean your carpet, remove its stains and deal with other dirt problems.

Taking out Candle Wax

People tend to panic every time they accidentally drop candle wax on to their clean carpets. In truth, getting rid of a candle wax is an easy task, and should be done as soon the wax has been spilt. Candle liquid hardens when cooled quickly. So before attempting to remove the wax from your carpets, simply let it harden using ice. Never try to remove the wax in its liquid form, as this makes the whole carpet cleaning process harder. Scratch out the wax carefully using a knife or any flat utensils.

After that, place a piece of folded kitchen paper at least 1/8 inch thick on top of the remains, then place a heated electric iron over the towels. Slither the iron back and forth and wait for the residue to melt. The paper towel will then absorb and remove the wax – leaving you with clean carpets.


Absorbing Cigarette Odor

Cigarette smoke odors can be prevented simply by not smoking inside your home. But sometimes this is unavoidable if you have guests. There are certain ways to remove the odor that may reside on your carpet.

Baking soda has the capability to easily remove and eliminate cigarette odors especially from your carpets. Simply spread the baking soda all over the carpet. Make sure to use a large amount and focus on the part where the smell is originating. Next, spread out the baking soda equally using a bristle brush. After that, let the carpet dry and then vacuum them afterwards.


Removing Bleach Stains

It is not necessary to replace your carpets once you’ve accidentally poured bleach on them. There are always effective ways to bring back the usual look of your carpets even with unwanted stains or damage.

First, clean out the bleached area with warm water, then use a towel to dry the carpet. Once the carpet is completely dry, simply grab a set of crayons then choose the color closest to the color of your carpet. Start coloring the bleached spot to cover every damaged fiber. Grab a clean towel then rub the colored area to have the color blended to the carpet. Voila! Say hello to your fully refurbished carpet.


If you think your carpets are too damaged to have them fixed all by yourself, you can always call for the help from a carpet cleaning company in Sydney, and ask them to bring back the sparkle and cleanliness of your precious carpets.

Contact Sydney City Cleaners, and have an clean carpet as soon as possible!

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