5 Essential Ways to Keep Your Office Clean

An employee keeping a neat and clean work area in the office is always an issue for many business owners we speak to. Naturally a dirty workspace is not only bad for employee motivation but also carries health hazards as germs are very easily spread.

Have no fear, there are some very simple office cleaning techniques that help minimalise or even avoid this issue. So here is the list on how leaders can subtly tell their employees to manage or minimize rubbish in the office.

Trash_binPut a Notice in Different Areas of the Office —Whether inside the toilet or the kitchen - remind your employees through visuals to throw their tissues in to the bin, and keep the sink clean after use. A “Keep Clean Mantra” sign is a good form of vandalizing that will give your company and your office the cleanest results.



Give rewards — You don’t have to spend too much. A gift certificate or free collateral items will be perfect in recognizing an employee as the one with the most organized and clean workstation. Announcing the most responsible employee by sticking their name onto the notice board or even posting his or her name to your company’s fan page (if you have one). These are all ideal, since the chosen employee can have that desired recognition and bragging rights.


weekly-schedRelease a Memo about the Cleaning Schedule — Aside from office cleaning, this extends to house cleaning as well. Provide a memo to prepare your employees for the positive changes to come. The memo’s main purpose is to sanitize and clean the workspace area – remember a clean workspace is a productive work place.


gargargargKeep Your In-house Utility Out-of-sight — This is more like a warning action. Your in-house utility is the constant reminder that your employees’ rubbish bins is well taken care of. Keep a schedule as to when your in-house cleaner will clean every area of your office. This will then help your employees to become responsible for managing their own rubbish in the cleaner’s absence. With the presence of this cleaning notice and the absence of an in-house cleaner, only the most delinquent employees will keep their rubbish around.




Be a Good Example Yourself — Be a cleaning role model. Show your employees that you are responsible enough to follow the rules, and that you can keep your office area clean, even without the help of cleaners. So, keep your area clean so that others follow you too.

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